“One of the best films I have seen all year.”

- Shane Morton -Indie Express

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Film Production

Static Room Media develops and produces quality feature films intended for theatrical release.  

The first feature film produced by Static Room was released to critical praise in 2008.  Jake’s Closet delivers an elegant suspense film seen through the eyes of a little boy coping with his family’s breakup while he battles an evil that lurks in his closet.  Dealing with pervading contemporary issue, the story explores the effects of divorce through a child’s eyes.  Hidden inside the heart of this edge-of-your-seat haunting tale is a uniquely thought provoking film that leaves audiences affected.

We are currently preparing two more feature films slated for production.  Please contact us for more information.


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“Like “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Jake’s Closet” tells a tale that cuts close to the bone…” 

Jonathan W. Hickman - Entertainment Insiders

“Beautifully eerie…


“Exceptional lensing… extremely handsome autumnal production” Robert KoehlerR - Daily Variety

“When Ryan makes another film, I’ll be there. And others who see this one will be there too.”

Rory L. Aronsky - Film Threat

“A wonderfully suspenseful Film that delivers plenty of scares and palpable tension from the first frame til the haunting climax.”

- Shane Morton -Indie Express

“This kind of thoughtful filmmaking ought to be rewarded.”

Jonathan W. Hickman - Entertainment Insiders

“This film had a top notch cast...

Anthony DeMarco as Jake is inspiring”

- Shane Morton - Best of Fest

“This suburban horror show maintains a steady dramatic pulse supported by impressive craft and one fine child performance.” Robert KoehlerR - Daily Variety

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Film Production